Mercury Dance Academy (MDA)

Chapel Lane, Upwey, Weymouth.



Tel : 01305 814700 or 07867 785589

Email : jenny@pilatescentreweymouth.co.uk

We are the only dance school in the area to offer a postural analysis/assessment for children.

No matter what career your child chooses to follow, the benefits of good posture will be invaluable.


To book an assessment please contact Jenny on

Tel : 01305 814700 or 07867785589

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for toddlers and pre- school children

Modern, Ballet, Tap and Acro


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Small Friendly School

Here at MDA Jenny has the expertise to recognise and correct posture. Good posture is of utmost importance for dancers to perform well. Correct posture from an early age prevents the body from being put under unnecessary strain and so reduces the risk of long term damage and injury. The wrong training can be detrimental to your child's development. Jenny is a qualified osteopath and has years of experience working with injuries caused by bad posture and over stretching, which includes looking at the biomechanics of each individual student.